What do you use to moisturize your bags and repel stains?

  1. I've never really sprayed any of my bags before and am wondering what you ladies use to moisturize your leather bags, what protects them best from scratches and what repels weather.

    I just got an AC City and plan on getting many more leather bags but want to keep them in the best shape I can and would love to hear what you use!
  2. I bought Apple Guard products and use them on my Chanels. :yes: I have their leather cleaner, leather conditioner, and water/stain repellent spray. I highly recommend all three products.

    leatherstuff.com sells them.

    lovinmybags.com also sells leather conditioner and cleaner products, but they're much more expensive and I have no personal experience with them.
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  3. I have Apple leather conditioner (which actually looks a little like shampoo in a small bottle, kind of white/pearly). I use it a little on my Coach signature (canvas) bags on the leather trim and started on the bottom surfaces to test. So far, so good!
  4. I have heard a lot of good things about the Apple guard products. I use Coach leather cleaner and get good results.
  5. I also use Shining Monkey (spray) on my Louis Vuitton vachetta (leather), very lightly. As you might know, the LV vachetta is untreated so it will naturally darken as it ages. Spraying this can slow the process somewhat...all in the eye of the beholder what they want to do. Since I live in a rainy climate, I'm all for a little protective spray!
  6. Thanks for the suggestions girls. I'm going to try the Appleguard stuff. What a great price!
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  7. Wilsons all the way for me! I have their lotion and spray :smile: I never tried apple but maybe I will one day.
  8. Lovingmybags makes great products! I've used their leather cleaner and leather protection cream and both are absolutely wonderful!
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  9. The appleguard rain & stain repellent is great. It's raining today, but any drops that got on my bag just beaded up and wiped away clean.
  10. LMB products have worked the best for me. Not sure if it's true but I've heard some of the Coach products can leave a yellow film on some leathers...

  11. I too use Wilsons leather and suede protector spray and Monsac cleanser and moisturizer. No adverse reactions thus far from either product!
  12. Apple or Meltonian Ladies? :smile:
  13. For all of my leather bags I purchase stain repellant and leather conditioner from Nordstroms. I use both of these products on all of my leather shoes and wallets. It is the only stuff that I have used for the last 5 years, because it is amazing. I highly recommend it.
  14. Not sure whether Appleguard is available in Singapore. Has anyone used 3M leather protector before? I thought of buying it for my LV vachetta.
  15. I know you have to be very careful with vachetta. My understanding is that no conditioner is recommended and wipe clean with only a damp clean cloth. Is this your understanding too? What about suhali (goat leather)? How do you clean an condition??