What do you use to hold your coins?

  1. Hello All,

    I really want to purchse a cles for my coins, but I keep thinking that the interior can get dirty easily.

    So for all you cles holders, how long have you had your cles and do you hold coins in them? Is the interior prone to dirt if coins are in there? Would you purchase a cles for mainly holding coins, or do you use a cles for other reasons?

    if you dont use a cles for your coins, what do you use to hold your coins?

    any replies will definately help me on my decision! Thanks!
  2. I use my cles to hold coins temporarily until I get into my car. Then I transfer them into a vintage LV kisslock purse - the large one.
  3. I've got several Cles, but I just keep my driver's license in there so I can grab and go when I'm just running my kids to school or an activity. I keep my change in my PTI wallet.
  4. I use my cles.
    I have my car keys on it and lic/debit card in there as well. Normally just a few $$ in but if i'm going for coffee I will toss the change(coins) into the cupholder. If i'm shopping and use cash to pay the money and coins going into the cles.

    Since getting my cles i dont use my pti. It stays in my handbag. So unless i'm in need of it all i use is my cles.
  5. [​IMG]

    This is the purse I use. This stays in my car.
  6. Very unspectacular, but I just put them in my wallet!
    I hate to switch from one holder to another, so everything I need (like ID papers, drivers licence, CC's, money etc.) is in my wallet...
  7. I use cles..

    Bag snob, love your coin purse..
  8. ^ Thank you. I was on the hunt for one of these for over a year and finally found one from an MPRS on ebay at a great price. I believe these purses used to be attached to the old bucket bags. It came with the metal chain but I took it off.
  9. I use a Coach change holder... Just something that I dont have to worry about getting banged up. A cles is a good idea but a little too pricey just to throw some change in. But I can be a bit of a cheap a$$ when it comes to nonbag items! :lol:
  10. all my wallets must have a coin department...I try to avoid separates for coins bcs when I take my wallet out I don't want to have to dig for another coin purse
  11. Oooh--I love it too!

    I don't have a cles so can't specifically help with your question . . . my coins are in a round Hello Kitty coin purse I stole from my daughter :angel:
  12. My epi pochette cles turned out to be smaller than I had anticipated. I am now using that for my drivers license and credit card. Since I do not carry coins, I just put them in my pocket until I get home.
  13. I use my cles for holding keys and coins. I have been using it everyday for 4yrs now and the inside is fine. It does get a little dirty inside but because it is the monogram canvas cles, it's not too noticeable.
  14. I bought an adorable coin purse from Oilily and use it for that purpose.
  15. Keep change in cles, car, and wallet (if possible), I say just USE IT and don't be so worried about the interior getting a little dity.....you can clean it if you want, it's not the end of the world....