What do you use to hold pens/pencils?

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  1. Hey ladies, just curious, do you have an accessory that you use to hold pens and pencils in your purse? I'm currently using a lesportsac pouch, but it's a little too big for the job (I just grabbed it because I couldn't find anything else). I'd like to pick up a Coach accessory, but I'm not sure what to pick! What do you like to use?
  2. I keep one pen in my checkbook holder.
  3. Cheap small clear plastic make up case.
  4. I don't carry either in my handbag due to a few unfortunate ink spills. I've never run into a situation where no one had a pen available and I keep a couple in the car just in case.
  5. I have a cross pen that you have to twist to close and i keep it in my wristlet inside my bag. It never leaks but I am knocking on wood right now. The plastic makeup bag sounds like your best bet !
  6. I use the Coach purple leather soft eye glasses case that i found at the outlet and it works perfectly!! Perfect length and holds alot without taking up alot of room. I am too afraid to keep loose pens and such in my purse. I also throw my eyeliner and such in there.
  7. Heres a pic. Sorry for the bad picture. It says Coach on it and really is cute.

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  8. That is an excellent idea!
    I only keep one pen in my bag because I'm afraid of ruining the bag.
  9. I got this really small pen case from Borders. I'll have to try and find a picture. It's perfect. really small but right how is holding 4 pens.

    Edit: It's made by a company called Paperchase. I couldn't find it on their website (www.paperchase.co.uk), but these are similar:
  10. Oooh, I do like the eyeglass holder, I'll look for one next time I'm at the outlet!

    I have one pen in my agenda too, but I'm a teaching assistant and student so I need to carry more than just that for tutoring sessions and grading (plus pens in different colors, highlighters, etc!). I wouldn't mind carrying a plastic case either, I just don't want whatever I pick to be really bulky. Thanks for all of the advice, ladies!
  11. I also use an eyeglass case I found at the outlet, it works perfectly!


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  12. I put them in my large signature stripe beauty case in my bag :smile:
  13. one of those smaller makeup bags you get free with purchase at one of the makeup counters :tup:
  14. Took a picture of my case next to a ruler. Sorry it sucks. Cell phone is the only camera I have today.

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  15. That is ADORABLE!! I need one of those for my smaller purses! Love it!
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