What do you use to hide your "unmentionables"?

  1. Straight to the point:: Where do you keep your tampons and pads?:P
  2. Personally I have a lesportsac little clutch like thing and now if I'm on the run I can use my little furla popsicle.
  3. I put them in a little pouch with other things- eyeglass cleaner, extra hairpins and hairties. Keeps everything organized. Before I got the pouch I would just throw them in the purse-it was amusing to see people's faces when they dug through my purse and pulled out my pad.
  4. I usually just toss them in the inside pocket.
  5. I keep it in the little zipped pocket inside the lining. I used to have a little Hello Kitty pouch that I kept it in but people always wanted to open it when they looked in my purse.
  6. In my make up bag
  7. Either in an inside pocket, or inside my LV pochette within a bigger bag. I've heard the LV Wapity works well too!
  8. I have a small leather pouch, which holds my nail kit, sewing kit, chapstick, sweater dufuzzer, etc., as well as the aforementioned B52s.
  9. I used to carry a Lesportsac pouch, but like someone already said, people were always trying to open it and look. I just keep them in the zippered pocket on the inside. Most people don't care to look there.
  10. zipper inside,my coach wristlet,or little hello kitty pouch =D
  11. I have a very cool, retro-looking tampon case that I got at pinupgirlclothing.com. It only holds about 3 reg. size tampons but one is all you need in case of emergency.
  12. My inner zip pocket on any of my bags is where I put several key items; Tampons, pad, pill case, dental pic, bandaid, and a few alcohol swabs. It's always been the "little medicine cabinet" of my purse.
  13. just throw it in with everything else in my bag.. no one really goes through my bag.....
  14. wristlet or the inside pockets of my purses.
  15. I keep mine in my make-up bag. No pads, only tampons.