What do you use to get rid of blackheads ?

  1. Urgh, I've been having the worst time ever with blackheads around my nose lately. The problem really started back in September but i've been able to tame the blackheads with an over the counter product called Blackhead Eliminating daily scrub and for awhile it really did reduce the apperance of them and now it looks like the product isn't working anymore. :crybaby:

    I have really fair, pale, porcelain skin and i feel like that makes the blackheads even more noticeable and it's driving me crazy!

    Any recommendations to products I can purchase that will help get rid of them/ reduce the appearance of them ? I'm willing to pay anything at this point to get rid of them.

    Thank You! :heart:
  2. I get a facial with extractions twice a month. Sorry, I don't know of any product that works other than that.
  3. hmm..i don't think there's any salon/spa's that do that around here...anyone else have anything that's worked for them ?
  4. I use those Biore clear pore strips, and they really seem to work... If I remember to do it twice a month, I don't get blemishes... however if I forget... I get a ton of blackheads, which lead to a ton of blemishes!! :sad:

  5. i've tried those before a long time ago and i hated them.
    they're extremely painful to take off and they don't get rid of all the blackheads at once..i ended up using all three strips at once because each time i kept missing or leaving behind some blackheads..i hope to not repeat that again.

    anyone else got any other suggestions.....:sad:
  6. The only thing I've found that reduces the appearance of my blackheads is putting a thin layer of Clean & Clear Persagel (Benz 10%) on my problem areas nightly. I have to make sure to moisturize though bc it can dry you out.
    I usually don't like to use drugstore stuff, but I tried a lot of stuff, including Mario Badescu silver powder which for me did nothing. Using the persagel my blackheads aren't all the way gone but they are definitely improved.
  7. is this the normal clean & clear products that you can find in drugstores ?
  8. I agree Persagel is amazing, it is the only product I will use on my face from a drugstore. I have very fair skin, and every blemish shows up on my face from a mile away. I also have used Nicomide-T cream, and I love that too!:yes:
  9. okay well then if two people swear by these products!
    i'll make sure to grab them the next time i head to the drugstore.

    if anyone has any other suggestions i'd love to hear them in case these products don't work out. i hope they do though because i'm kinda at the end of the string with this whole blackhead problem. :hysteric:
  10. YA-Ikes.... I guess it depends on your skin as to whether they work or not!! Stay away if they are that painful!! Good question though, because I think I want to look into that persa-gel stuff... since you're not supposed to use those strip things more than once within a certain time period...

    I had Aveeno face clearing up stuff that worked when I first got it... but now its not helping as much!!
  11. For me, using a cleanser with AHA/glycolic acid (Mario Badescu or Aqua Glycolic) plus every few days using Neutrogena Clear Pore cleanser/mask (w/ benzoyl peroxide) as a mask works to keep the blackheads away.
  12. yea, i never want to experience that again but it did work!

    it's the same for me. I had one thing that was working wonderfully and then all of the sudden it stopped working for no apparent reason too. :shrugs:
  13. Anything Tea Tree is suppose to work amazing, not only for blackheads but for whiteheads, those nasty little things that are ten times as hard to get rid of.
  14. I have never had this problem. The oil just flows out freely without taking the time to clog anything.

    I do have friends and relatives, however, who swear by apricot facial scrub, which I have used as an exfoliator, and it does just as good a job as white sugar, in my opinion. Any brand will do. If you don't mind spending extra money, buy the one that has the smell you like best.
  15. I have that stuff in my cabinet, its okay for gettinh rid of dead skin and softening up your face, but it hasn't done anything for my white/black heads.:s