What do you use to extend your pochette strap?

  1. I'm looking for some ideas..I'd like my strap longer while it's cold and I am wearing outerwear. I know there is a LV key ring lot's of people use.. but are there other suggestions?

    Thanks :heart:
  2. Pochette extender
  3. Or I use my panda cles :smile:
  4. Bag Fetish! you always have great information!

    Thank you! :tup:

    I went ahead and ordered a chain that they use on the wallet.
  5. Now I have the LV key ring, but before that I used a gold bracelet!
  6. i use a juicy couture charm bracelet

    if u do a search, u can find the pic
  7. I use my gold Betsey Johnson bracelet.
  8. Yes, I also agree that using the juicy couture charm bracelet is a great idea to extend the pochette strap. My SA from LV actually gave me that idea. She also mentioned that you can even attach some of the charms to the chain to make it fancier.

  9. I'm too uncreative, I just bought the extender ~
  10. I have a long mono strap that I can wear cross body.
  11. So I was searching for ideas on how to extend pochette straps and found this thread. Thanks to the contributions other people have made, I felt inspired!! Here is my alternative to the traditional LV bolt key ring. Does it make the bag look tacky?
    newchain2.jpg newchain.jpg
  12. Meechelley, that is adorable! I love it. I bet that extender would look perfect with an MC pochette.