What do you use the Work for?

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What do you use the Work for? Pick all that apply

  1. Literally - for Work

  2. Running Errands - e.g. Groceries, the Mall

  3. Travel

  4. Going out for the Night

  5. Anything and Everything!!

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Im contemplating getting a third Work but Im wondering if its too big for my needs, shopping, errands, going out for lunch/dinner. The other 2 Works I have are mainly for work and travel. What do you guys use the work for? Would you say its too big for going out for a causal night?

    I might get the City instead but its going to be GH and Im not sure if I like the City with GH.
  2. I use it for Work. It's such a fabulous size - files & papers fit in like a dream.

    I love the First for a casual night out.
  3. I live on Kauai so I travel interisland for work and fun and I love to carry my Work. It can hold tons of paperwork and if I get a chance to stop by Niemans on Ohau it helps hold my purchases as well. It makes a great carry-on.
  4. I use my works for everything and more than my other styles - but I have 3 kids and sometimes have to carry their stuff too. big bags are great!!!
  5. I love the Work:its size is perfect for everyday!:tup:
  6. I use mine for the office, but when I'm on my lunch hour, I usually just grab my hobo wallet and stick my razr phone in it and go. I also love it for traveling, it fits water bottles, sweatshirts, maps, all kinds of odds and ends that you need right next to you! (I also bring a city to actually go to the restaurants, tours, etc.)
  7. purse fanatic i SOOOOOOOO hear you!!! :smile:
  8. i completely agree..:yes:
  9. I use mine for the office, carrying my MacBook, and even for the gym!
  10. My Work bags are my everyday bags, so I use them for everything. In fact, I only switch to another bag if I need more room (Weekender) or if I need a shoulder bag (Day). :smile:
  11. Sorry if this has been asked before, but this is my first bbag thread and i couldn't find anything through search.

    i've been hooked on LV for a long time now and am just now totally falling in love with bbags....something about the GH is just so edgy and hot :graucho: anyway, just wondering whether you guys ever use your bbags for work. if so, which ones? thinking of getting one for work....would the part-time be a good choice in terms of size and sturdiness?
  12. I student taught at a junior high this past semester, and I occasionally used my black city if it went with the outfit. Mostly I carried a large black coach soho hobo though.
  13. I definitely use my Bbags to work, and the bags that have seen a lot of us are my Days, Twiggys and Besace Messenger. All 3 styles accommodate all the stuff that I usually have inside my handbag; the Besace also accommodates letter-size papers and a wirebound notebook I carry around to meetings. The Besace works best for me when using public transportation because it has a long-enough strap to use cross-body and keep my hands free.

    I guess you'd have to determine which bag would suit your needs the most. Let us know which bag you decide to get, okay? And, don't forget to take pics!!!
  14. Yes, definitely. I've found the City is a perfect bag for work; if I need to attend meetings offsite my notebook/files fit in nicely. (have to leave the top open tho.)
  15. I definitely use my bbags for work, although I only put my wallet, cellphone, keys, lipstick/poweder and other personal stuff. I use a separate bag for my work related stuff.