What do you use the Spy Pockets for?

  1. I have purchased my first Fendi Spy bag in Ivory and I was wondering what you all use the 2 'secret' pockets for?

    I have put my Mobile Phone in the large one, but I'm not sure what the 'handle' one is meant for?
  2. Sorry if there is already a thread on this but I couldn't find one!
  3. i put my phone and my keys in the spy pocket. the handle/tube compartment is meant for a lipstick - that's why the cover has a mirror! ;)
  4. You can also put cigarettes in there, I've heard it be used for that but remember..smoking is injurious to your health:lecture: I had put cotton swabs (q tips) in there but it keeps opening so I don't really use it. I heard of someone who got it sealed because they put money in there and lost it! So basically anything that fits, unless it keeps opening:s
  5. None of my lipsticks will fit so I think I'll probably keep it empty.
  6. I just put my keys in the coin purse so they don't scratch anything else. the tube I never put anything in.
  7. Mobile and lipstick in the main one and nothing in the lipstick compartment. It doesn't fit a lipstick.
  8. I only use the bigger secret compartment for mobile or keys cos I don't want to be stuck in a situation that I have to ransack the 2 most important things in the bag besides my purse (that is).
  9. well, what do you put inside of the bag...the whole thing! all i have is my wallet(now empty..lol) my metallic pink coach wristlet that is filled with my lipglosses(so they don't spill over!) i dunno what else to put in there!