What do you use the neverfull pouch for?

  1. Do you use it as a wallet or do you still carry a wallet with it? I just got one and it seems like it would be difficult to use it as a wallet because there isn't a place for credit cards and change, however I don't want to waste it by not using it.
  2. I use mine as a wallet/wristlet. I keep money in the slip pocket inside and my cards in my cles and keep that inside it. Still leaves room for lipgloss and phone.
  3. I use mine like a wallet most of the time.

    Holds coupons, receipts, money, cards, etc.

    Also sometimes use it to hold my Ipad mini when I travel! :smile:
  4. Thanks for the ideas! I ordered a wallet as well, but I will try it with just the pouch.
  5. Feminine products and sometimes a clutch in the evening containing: Lic, CC, Lipstick, Compact, S6 and Car Key.
  6. Nothing. I sold it.
  7. I don't use it...it's sitting in my closet. ;)
  8. Mine stands up along the inside of my Neverfulls and acts as another pocket for organization. Specifically, I use mine to hold my 2 phones. I love them. I wouldn't want a NF without one.
  9. An ipad mini fits perfect in it. Then its safe and attached to the inside of your bag.
  10. -Receipts if I'm carrying my Adele Wallet
    -Lip stick, gloss and my compact in bigger purses
    - and I love using her as a little clutch too