What Do You Use The Courier For?

  1. i really like the courrier bag but i dont know how to use it, can it be used as a weekend bag? Courier owners what do you use your courrier bag for ? :smile: :shame: can anyone pls post a pic wearing the courrier , thanks in advance
  2. oh, yes, yes, i'd like to know tooooooooooooo...also, i'm not sure what the difference is b/w the courier & the weekender :wondering
  3. me too alabama i wanna know the diff ... pricewise i'd go with the courier its much cheaper :roflmfao:
  4. gals, please help school me & kaka in the world of couriers :yes:
  5. I would like to know too. Would you prefer the weekender or courier?
  6. I do not have a weekender but I do have a courier that I use everyday. The strap makes it wonderful and its still as roomy as the weekender. I do have a work which I love but miss a strap. Try it!!
  7. I am horrible with the camera so I can't help you there yet.
  8. Okay, I was wondering also but isn't the biggest design difference how it's carried? The Weekender has to be hand carried. It has a 4" drop and no shoulder strap. The Courier doesn't have handles, it has only a shoulder strap and a long drop. It can even be carried as a messenger. (Or at least I got it there when I tried it on. Not sure it's designed that way.)

    Also, it seems like the Courier is really supple - it sort of wraps around your body. Maybe the Weekender would also if you could wear it that way. ?

    Personally I don't think I'd wear the Courier everyday. MAYBE if I were a student - it has a really cool look to it. But I work on a professional old-fashioned corporate campus and it wouldn't work for me. As a travel bag, it would be AWESOME. Too bad I don't travel. ;)
  9. :No I don't think the Courier would work in a professional setting. I use it as a travel/kid bag. My work arrived for Mother's Day and I have been using that. I found that the size for me is better than all of my City bags - if only there was a strap. But I still love them both.
  10. cool, thanks so much for your input gals :smile: ...i'm actually thinking the courier would be best for me...i work in a creative environment, so there's no worries there...and i like the idea of it having a strap (although i'd miss the handles)...it sounds perfect for travel & most importantly, it sounds like it would be okay for petite girls like me :yes:
  11. summertime & shoegal thanks for the info :yes: i work in a more formal environment i think i should go for the work :angel:
  12. KAKA- what color are you going to get? Good luck!
  13. zacorey im waiting for the fall collection maybe truffle or marron? i also like the bleu gris, have you seen an actual marron? :P
  14. No- I haven't seen maroon. Great idea to wait for the new colors! I wouldn't be able to decide until I saw them IRL or posted here. Deciding on the colors is so hard!!!
  15. i know i keep staring at those little swatches, its making me crosseyed lol :shocked:
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