What Do You Use Or What Do You Like Best?...

  1. Yahoo Or Msn?

  2. I'm a yahoo girl.
  3. I'm an MSN girl:smile:
  4. For IM? AIM for email? gmail.
  5. Msn lady!
  6. Yahoo.. I don't use msn much. I use yahoo usually for search and e-mail.
  7. MSN here ;)
  8. Aim.
  9. gmail or aim
  10. MSN...I don't really like the feel of Yahoo.
  11. for IM you mean? I use AIM. I used to have Yahoo but I kept having guys IM me and want to show me their weenie and stuff.
  12. I'm AIM all the way!

    And uhm.. I don't know if you were talking about search engine also but I like Google lol.
  13. Ugghh.. I remember a LONG time ago some friend told me that Yahoo's chat rooms were great and so I tried it and I have never had so many offers to cyber. I quickly un-downloaded the Yahoo messenger thing the same day lol.
  14. ^^^ LOL too funny.
  15. Love MSN