What do you use on th vachetta? Apple Garde, Shining Monkey, or nothing?

  1. I already have the Apple Garde. But now I'm wondering if the Shining Monkey is better.

    I just want something to protect the leather from dirt, stains & water spots so it will develop a really nice patina.

  2. Nothing and I actually prefer it that way. I believe there's a purpose behind Louis Vuitton leaving the leather untreated. Also, I'm not a fan of chemicals...
  3. Agreed! LV says don't treat it, so I don't.
  4. I have not yet treated mine yet either. Not sure if I want to. My purses are about 3 months old, and I don't know yet if I want to do anything. :shame:
  5. I haven't put anything on mine either.
  6. For some people it's a good precautionary measure, but I kind of think it's exciting to see it develop it's own patina. Mind you I've come to notice that the more paranoid about getting anything on the vachetta, the more stuff you do, so the moral of the story is ENJOY what you buy and just USE IT!
  7. I don't want to patina it, but I have a groom keychain and I'd like to protect it (i've kinda been hiding it in it's dustbag afraid of ruining it) I'd like to protect the leather but if i did apple guard/shining monkey would that rub off the image? And/or fade it? :s
  8. For a long long time, I'd never protected my bags by using these kinds of thing. :sad: ((I actually don't like the patina, I like it to be more pale.)) Then, I heard about Apple Guard, so I gave it a try. I think I'm in love with Apple guard, since it's not change leather colour when I spray on it. But, I don't know how well it can protect my bags....:shrugs:
  9. I don't use anything, mostly cause I don't really know what stuff to buy here.
    I use my speedy a lot and just cleaned the handles using baby cleansing wipes and it took most of the dirt off so I'm not too worried.
  10. I've been confised eprsonally by all the different answers and no matter how much I search I cant seem to get a definite answer as to if appleguarde really does what it's supposed to do.
  11. i dont use anything... i didnt even know you should until i joined pf.. i dont know what diff it makes but my bags seem ok without treatment
  12. I put Shining Monkey on my bags with Vachetta to prevent rain spots.
  13. I use Shining Monkey for most of my bags.
  14. I don't use anything on my bag either

    Shining Monkey is for car use only

  15. Shining Monkey works really well on the vachetta.. Love it:yes::flowers: