What do you use mini skinni's for?

  1. I just have a wallet (non Coach). I've noticed many of you use wallets in conjunction with mini skinni's. I always thought they were just for an ID and debit card when you want to run somewhere quick and not take your whole bag.

    Fill me in on what I'm missing!! Tell me why I need to have these. LOL! I'm still fairly new to Coach... I got 2 Soho small flap bags this summer and am slowly trying to build a nice collection. This is totally addicting...
  2. I know a lot of gals use them for debit/credit cards and/or frequent cards.. things they either use more or less often. I bought one but personally found it more of a pain to get the cards in and out of it.. but I also use a checkbook wallet so I have plenty of room. The thing I started using this year that I love is a wristlet inside my purse... I put my extra set of contacts, a chapstick and my lipgloss in it... I love it! It keeps it organized and out of the way.. and I can use the wristlet as a purse if I need to sometimes. Sorry, kind of got off track there! :yes:
  3. LOL, that's ok. Like I said I'm new to all of this so I'd probably be asking next week what everyone keeps in their wristlets too! :p I have a small case in my current bag right now that I keep a few odds and ends in so I definitely want to upgrade that to a wristlet at some point.
  4. yeah, I'm not generally a wristlet type because I am a sahm to 3 kids... but I love having it in my bag and I have been able to use it once when hubby and I actually went out on a date to a casino :yahoo: It was real convenient :tup:
  5. It depends. If I'm out shopping, I'll use a skinny in my swing pack to hold my ID/Debit card (I usually don't carry cash when I shop).

    If i'm going to a concert, I'll use a skinny to hold my ID/beer money (heheh) and put it in my pocket.

    I really carry too much on a day-to-day basis to use a skinny exclusively.

    (and a wristlet? I'll keep my ID/debit/cash/GC in my wristlet and all the other cards in life (health/AAA/store credit cards) that i don't use as often in my wallet) but I'll carry BOTH in my purse. sometimes it's easy just to pull out a wristlet.

    all depends what i'm in the mood for
  6. I have a red mini skinny that I use to carry my metronorth pass and subway metro card. It really works for me since I don't have to take out my wallet in the subways (I live in NYC).
  7. My Mini Skinny is my wallet. It holds so much more than you would think!

    I keep my license and my credit/debit card in the outside pocket. I have some other cards (Sephora, library, zoo membership, student ID, etc), a wee amount of cash (usually no more than 10 bills) and a handful of change in the main compartment. It's full, but it's not hard to zip or anything. I love it!
  8. I guess I am abusing my mini skinny! I use it as my change purse. I keep all that darn loose change in there. Works great!
  9. My Signature Stripemini skinny holds my T-Pass for Boston's commuter rail. Having it in a case somehow has kept me from losing the damn card, which is AWESOME. When I need to run out and I want to go REALLY light, I'll throw my license and debit card as well and use it as a little wallet!
  10. Awesome -- looks like I need these too. :yes: I'm already thinking of tons of ways one of these could simplify my life... thanks!
  11. I ALWAYS have my mini skinny in my purse at ALL times!!! I use it when I am taking my kids into someplace "icky", like a pizzeria, a park, a petting zoo, a nursery to buy plants....etc..someplace where I am afraid my purse will get trashed!!! I throw cash, my ID and a credit card in it, attach it to my keys and I am good to go w/o worrying about my purse getting grease or who knows what else all over it!
  12. When I had a mini skinny. I used it for my license, debit card and other cards I used all the time. It worked great for my swingpack, cause its small. i think theyre very useful
  13. i have mini skinny, i love it! when in college, i used it for my student ID card and had some cash in there. now that i graduated last may, i put my BART train ticket in there. it's so convenient to use rather than pulling out my wallet everytime i need to take the train to work. i also keep some folded $5 dollar bills, a few hair ties, a bobby pin, a band aid, a copy of my family's and bf's phone #s (in case i lose my cell phone, it's happened before!) and some loose change.

    my boyfriend hates it because whenever he drives my car, he hates the big fat keychain. but it's so convenient! i love it!
  14. I LOVE mine. Its thin so it works well in swingpacks, pouches, wristlets, baby bags, small purses when my wallet is too big or just in your pocket. Its also great for when you're going to the gym. I'll attach my car keys, gym id and some cash for the juice bar. Other times I put my driver's license, debit card in the card slit and fold up some cash and put it in the zipper part. Its great!:tup:
  15. I stopped carrying bags on the weekends and I have been using my chocolate chelsea turnlock wristlist. I use my Mineral mini skinny for my DL and a couple of credit cards. Sometimes cash (who carries cash anymore right?). I only have one mini skinny but would like one more.