What do you use for a security tag?

  1. I was just wondering what everyone uses for security tags when selling handbags on eBay?
  2. I use tyvek wristbands that can only be cut off if someone tries to remove it. I had my eBay ID pre-printed on them and they also say "no refund if removed".
  3. Where do you get these? That's a great idea.
  4. Given my career...I will use some medical ID tags :idea:which shred if removed.

    I don't sell often, so I didn't want to buy a bunch of tags.
  5. I got mine from http://www.trendywristbands.com but there are other sites you can get them from. Just do a Google search for tyvek wristbands. The medical ID tags would work too if you have access to them. You can also buy the tyvek ones on Ebay and write your Ebay ID and other info with a sharpie magic marker. The site I bought them from was pretty reasonable though, and they didn't make me buy 500 of them. I bought 100, but I don't remember if I had to buy that many. I think it was like $15-20 for the 100. Hope this helps!

    Vicki :smile:
  6. A great idea also! The tyvek ones work similarly where they have to be cut off to be removed. Not sure if they shred though!
  7. I use tyvek wristbands also. I bought some from a party store, about $12 for 100. Totally worth it.
  8. Tyvek
    Party store
    $9.99 for 100

  9. Very Clever!
  10. I use them too to prevent bait and switch. I got them from a company in the UK. Once again, they need to be cut off and are numbered - so that l have a record. They also have my id on them.
  11. I've used Tyvek too ever since I read this subforum and they are easy to find, very cheap and effective. Recommended for peace of mind and ease of use!
  12. I use Tyvek bands in my "signature color", and I add a pre-printed label with my business name and "no return if this tag has been removed".
  13. Hi Cynthia - is this to prevent someone from claiming you sent them an inauthentic bag and demanding their money back after they have your good bag? Do you take a pic of it attached to your bag before you send it out? If you don't show that in your listing, people can still get around that by saying your photo is a scam, and you sent a fake bag. Ugh, these are things I never thought of. Is it really a problem with people switching merchandise? In your case, the only problem would be the claim of inauthenticity.
  14. where do you put them on the bags?
    I am thinking of ordering some also....
    great idea...just wondering where you all put them on the bags.....
  15. This is what I do too