What do you use for a make-up pouch?

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  1. Does H even make a make-up pouch I can´t remember one:shrugs: Do you use a Karo for make-up or do you have another solution?
  2. I use the Karo or a BeBop, depending on the size of my bag and how much makeup I'm carrying.
  3. I have a huge powder blusher that I couldn´t fit into a Karo. Any suggestions?
  4. A retractable powder brush?
    I use a Prada nylon make-up bag, because I can throw it into the washing machine.
  5. Nope not retractable, the hugest kind that doesn´t bend lol I love the Bolide canvas pouch in pink so maybe I´ll get that and just wash it if it needs to be cleaned.
  6. Great idea Nola! :tup:
  7. I agree with MaiTai. I switched from Karo to a Prada. It is more light-weighted.
  8. I used to have a Prada nylon makeup pouch, but it got so grungy despite repeated washings I had to toss it at my mother's insistence :rolleyes:. Now I use a Karo GM..which sits nicely at the bottom of my bag without me always having to snap it closed.
  9. I use a gm Karo....but the canvas bolide is a good idea nola(By the way your pregnancy is really flying!)
  10. I know, it´s amazing:wtf::heart:
  11. I can´t handle those Prada pouches at all but a Karo GM would of course be lovely. I just prefer a pouch that can stand upright when it has stuff in it.
  12. I have a violet Karo PM and love it:love:
  13. The Karo would be lovely, or the Bolide! I use one from Coach.
  14. A GM Karo.
  15. I use an LV pouchette 19. It holds alot and lasts