What do you use as your travel Make Up case?

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  1. I just gave me Lululemon one away to my sister so I need to buy one for myself. Is it a waste to use a, say, Balenciaga or LV makeup bag for an actual makeup container?

    Any suggestions or pictures would be much appreciated!

    I should mention that I usually lug around: concealer, lipbalm and gloss, eyeshadow (2-3 Nars ones), cream blush, 1-2 eyeliners. My old case was about the size of a pencil case! This is only for every day use...travel = bigger bag :shame:

    Thanks!! ;)
  2. Hi Toiletduck! Kate Spade makes pretty make-up/cosmetic cases. Check out the link below:

    kate spade

    You may also want to check out Le Sportsac.


    I'm using a black Prada Nylon cosmetic case...been using it for many years already. Hmmm...maybe its also time for me to get a new one.


  3. I have a big Chocolate brown Chloe makeup case that I use for travel. I love it and I wish I would have bought more of them.
  4. I have a LeSportsac one that i carry-it has 3 zippers and holds a decent amount of stuff
  5. hmm..kate spade, huh? now that sounds decent for a cosmetics case! I can't imagine myself spending 400+ on a cosmetics case...esp. since it can get quite messy sometimes!

    thanks for the suggestions! :biggrin:
  6. currently a coach wristlet or lesportsac pencil like case. like you i dont carry alot and thinking about another coach.
  7. For travel, I just use a MAC cosmetics pouch. It's black and made of nylon so I like that it's easy to clean.
  8. I have the LV cosmetic pouch case.I think it is called moon or cresant (i will have to double check the style name) but it is an actual cosmetic case and I love it the inside is not lined so it can be rinsed out with a damp cloth if it gets dirty.
  9. i use this adorable lesportac. no point in buying expensive cases if there is a chance my makeup will spill and explode all over everything
  10. Lesportsac here too!
  11. I know Container Store is not located in every single state. BUt those of you who are lucky enough to have one close by, they sell an AMAZING travel make up case that is available in a large and small size. It is made my Japonesque. Both sizes come with a fantastic mirror that is removable with velcro and it comes with a stand on the back, kinda like the stand that is on the back of a picture frame, it can fold in and the mirror lays flat when not in use. The small size comes with one clear plastic zipper pouch and can easily hold your foundation, powder, blush, few eyeshadows, mascara, eye lash curler, lip gloss etc. It even has little brush sized pockets that can hold your make up brushes. The large size comes with two pouches instead of one. The outside of the case is solid black microfiber. I cannot tell you how Awesome they are. I bought the large size first, and then went back for the small. I gave them away as Xmas gifts last year and I always am told how fabulous they are and people ask where I found them. Very functional, perfect for travel. Roomy, yet sleek and compact. Been looking online everywhere for it, if i find it, i will post. BUt check the store if you live near one!!
  12. I also have the black Prada nylon cosmetic bag.
  13. Please post if you can find it- this looks awesome. The only one I saw by Japonesque was a portable table that came with lights and expandable legs- super cute but very expensive.
  14. I use a Kate Spade round train case for travel and a LeSportsac one for everyday. I'd get super upset if I had, say a LV one, and it got messed up because of makeup. This way, I can trade out my everyday one after a while. Esp. because they come out with cute new ones pretty often.
  15. I travel for a living and have a whole collection of them under the sink in my master bath, but I tend to mostly use a Nicole Miller case that I bought in Tuesday Morning. It has three compartments, folds up to a nice size and holds a lot of stuff.