What do you u wear with your grey Louboutin's?

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  1. oooh cute leggings socalboo!

    The grey does look good with the yellow ^^^ :tup:
  2. I love this look.:heart: Looks like something I could pull off.
  3. The grey does look good against yellow, although yellow doesn't look good on me... I'm sort of pale as you can see from my avatar.
  4. surly ~Thank you! :love:
    amazigrace ~I was thinking yellow! I really love that look!

    Thanks savvy! I love leggings!

    kitten ~You would rock that look! On the yellow, bottoms should work since it's not near your face. Although, you are not pale you look great!
  5. amazingrace, i LOVE the grey with the yellow. you look great!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    socalboo, OMG! your rolandos are gorgeous! :tup::tup:
  6. thank you yaya! :hugs:
  7. T- you look hot!

    ITA agree with the pp, gray is such a neutral color, you can wear it pretty much with anything. Play dress up and see what you have in your closet that matches with your gray CL.
  8. ^Aw J! I miss you on here! :heart: