What do you u wear with your grey Louboutin's?

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  1. I just ordered grey simples and I'm wondering what I can wear with them? Suggestions? Pictures of your gray CL's with outfits, please.:girlsigh:
  2. I wear my grey Rolandos with jeans mostly also black. I was going to wear them with a black dress and stripped leggings tomorrow. I'll post a pic for you!
  3. Grey is a very universal color. The only one to stay away from would be brown... So whatever you wear make sure it's colorful!!
  4. Grey pants in the same shade of grey and a pastel sweater.
  5. Hmmm, no outfit pics, but I wear gray with a lot. Of course black, but also blue and purple a lot. Pink is also great, I prefer a pastel pink with gray rather than something more fuschia-toned.
  6. Sold my grey CLs, but I find grey to be a great neutral. I agree with DC, probably only brown doesn't work with it.
  7. i love grey with a khaki, black, denim... i actually love wearing my grey declic with a pair of white pants. winter white in the winter and a crisp white in the summer.
  8. Hey kitten ~ Here is the pic of my outfit for today as said in above post. I can't believe I actually wore it, I usually change my mind at least 5 times LOL! Grey Patent Rolandos.

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  9. ^^^ cute, socal! The grey patent is gorgeous.
  10. Think of gray as a lighter black. They don't have to match-just coordinate.
  11. I wear my grey ornirons mainly with black and solid bright colors..

    I agree that brown and shades of orange etc.. don't go too well
  12. Grey would go with everything!!
  13. Hi, kitten. My first CL's were grey Simples, and I wear them with everything - dark jeans, black tweed pants, black pants, everything! They're so comfortable and beautiful and I love to have them on.
  14. Here's a picture for you - j.crew jeans and top. And, see, they even look good with yellow. In my opinion, anyway

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  15. U look great in them....
    sometimes i would wear a white blouse and a black / dark dress or skirt to go with the loubies..( i m too conservative..)