What do you think?

  1. After reading how much some of you love Tano bags I decided to check them out. I really like the bag below (and it's on sale!), and would love to have your opinions. Please tell me what you think!

  2. i love it! the colour's so yummy :p
  3. This is a lovely bag! Great colour! :yes:

    I just had to check out Tano bags - never heard of them before until this forum.

    I also like this one: sort of a BV feel (but of course for a looooot less)
    tano bv style.jpg
  4. Gorgeous. I've been looking for a red bag like this! Do you have the URL for it?
  5. that's gorgeous!!! i'd also like to know the URL for it!
  6. As a Tano lover, I think you'll be VERY happy with it!

    The Red Velvet color is even better in person!
  7. Love the color, great looking bag.
  8. Tano is a fabulous brand w. great customer service. Alexandra from musthavebag is a pleasure to do business with.
  9. I love the buttons on this bag - so cute!
  10. classy
  11. Wow! I always thought that Tano's leather was too shiny and stiff looking, but this looks great!
  12. Very pretty! Go for it. =)
  13. Adorable! Never heard of Tano till now and I really like!! Time to start a new collection!
  14. Thanks for the input everyone. I'm glad others like it too. I'm going to go order it now! It'll be my first real leather bag, woohoo! I won't get to see it for a while though, because I currently live in Europe and will have to have it shipped to my mother's house in the United States. It'll be a nice surprise when I get back to the states though.

    Here's the url for those of you who are interested:

    tano bag details including dimensions color and price

  15. I posted this in the deals and steals-this one is really cute as well!:yes: