What do you think?

  1. Hi - I was comparing my paddys. I have an 05 vanilla and an 06 chocolate. I think I am falling prey to the, "Why have two of the same handbags in different colors?" mentality. I showed my DH, sister, and mother-in-law seperately and they all agreed that they really liked my new choco paddy and are not to fond of the 05 Vanilla. BUT, I would LOVE to buy a pair of Paddington boots. And they are so expensive. Given that the vote seems to be for the choco, should I sell my Vanilla and get the boots?

    I LOVE my Vanilla, but I have a Prada in approximately the same color. So I actually do have two purses close to the same color. And I also LOVE the prada.

    What do you think?
  2. I am kind of in the same mindset these days. I was collecting paddies like it was my job in 2006 (well, not really, but I have way more than I need!) and now I want to thin out my collection a bit to make room and money for some more diverse styles. I've decided to sell my taupe paddy because I have an aubergine one as well, and I just don't feel like I need two of the same bag in different colors. So I decided to keep the one I like the most.
    Your choco bag is a lifetime bag in my opinion. You will always be able to wear that color, with just about everything, forever. It's a classic. I love the vanilla, but it's just not as practical in my opinion.
    Don't sell the vanilla unless you are really sure. But if you're sure you're sure, then sell it and get something else that you really love.:heart:
  3. Well if you have to get rid of one, it sounds like the vanilla is it. I've never bought the same bag in different colors but I have bought different versions of it in different colors. Like the reg paddy and a zippy paddy.

    Paddington boots are on sale everywhere. You can probably find them cheap and still be able to keep your vanilla.

    Chloe and Prada are to different to compare. I have several black bags and none of them look like each other. Just depends on if you really need to get rid of one.
  4. maybe its just me, but I feel like two paddys in a different colors is like having two different bags... you wouldn't use choco w/ everything. I love the hardware on the paddy, and the weight doesn't bother me so I dont mind having them in two colors... as long as the colors are similar. I'd definitely keep the vanilla... it's the original release of the paddys, not to mention uber rare, and very highly coveted... I'd get rid of the prada.
  5. Thanks, gals! I will keep the Vanilla and store her in her dustbag until the spring. I think I am leaning to the choco now because it's winter, but I always love to go back to the Vanilla in the Spring!

    Prada has such a low retail value that I am going to keep that also.

    Maybe I should call around to Neimans or Nordstroms store and see if they have any of the brown Chloe Prince boots left on sale. Does anyone have an SA they suggest? My Nordstroms (Pentagon City) does not carry Chloe.
  6. Soory, Prada has a low resale value. Not retail. I paid a lot for the bag!
  7. I've been trying to find the Chloe buckle style boots and they are completeley sold out everywhere. You might find some on e-bay!

    These are the boots:

    Chloe - Tall Buckle Boots - Saks.com
  8. *sigh* yep, that what I was trying to find!!

    If you find any let me know! (After you buy a pair of course!)
  9. WOW! I'm glad I'm not the only one trying to find these boots. It makes me sick that I missed that fabulous deal at Saks! Please anyone let us know if you run across any! BTW: Everyone HAS to check these out!

    Franco Sarto 'Militare' Boot - Boots - Nordstrom.com

    I found them in my search for the Chloe Paddington boot! They get a double :yucky: :yucky: !!!
  10. I think you'd be crazy to sell your vanilla it was one of the first huge selling paddis & a lovely colour, you will use it in Spring/summer I am sure.
  11. 05 Vanilla is soooooooooo beautiful!!! Don't sell her!! You will regret it come spring!
  12. The people have spoken... and I agree!!
    If youre not totally sure, then tuck her away for the winter and when spring comes you'll be pleased you have her!!