What do you think?

  1. For some reason I can't copy the picture, so here is the link
    Louis Vuitton: French fashion designer
    What do you think of a guy with these shoes? Are they TOO Liberace?
  2. hmm the link leads me to the main LV page with the flash animation, not sure which shoes you're talkin about....the liberace reference made me laugh :p
  3. Oh sorry...I dont know why the link is not working but its the miroir tennis shoes
  4. I saw those in person, the looked cheap to me, like a bad knockoff. not good, sorry.
  5. Hmmmm not sure what you are talking about - but the whole Liberace thing has me cracking up. Too much wine maybe.
  6. I think a guy could work the mirior tennies, but I would suggest something else. You seem like a casual person judging by your icon, maybe the Speeding Sneaker or the Running Sneaker instead?
  7. I think they would look hot!
    I love the Liberace reference btw!
  8. They look ok to me. I would get them if I was a girl...

    Here's a screen shot of the sneakers in silver and gold:


  9. They look horrid in person. Very cheap. The pics above look way better. Just FYI:smile:
  10. ew,,
  11. They are ok.
  12. They look cute in the pic...will have to check them out!
  13. Looks like shoes my high school English teacher used to wear and she bought them from payless.
  14. I'd like to see them IRL before passing judgement...they just MIGHT be cute...who knows :p
  15. :roflmfao: