What do you think...

  1. about this MJ piece and what the hell is PVC, I hear it alot in the LV forum and it still confuses me???
  2. Isn't PVC a form of fake leather?
    Looks a lot like it but it's not...
    I think that's what it is..
  3. PVC stands for polyvinylchloride, I think. It's a vinyl material.
  4. I'm not sure I'm liking this combination.. then again, I don't generally like light colored bags.
  5. In store's look book, this STAM & LITTLE STAM are listed under QUILTED FABRIC AND PYTHON line. They are featured in many magazines and store catalogs lately.
  6. If it were leather this bag would have my vote.
  7. hmm... not sure about that combination...