what do you think..?

  1. Hi i posted this before on another thread but i guess it went unnoticed as it was way down the replies.. but anyway.. here it goes

    tell me.. is it just me or every girl inside cant resist a bit of bling on our arms, especially those amongst us who have a thing for jewellery...

    I would personally love to own a beautiful jewel encrusted bag which i would'nt end up using that often, but it would remain in my closet as proud possession, something that made me feel good.. its a bit like fine jewellery, u dont wear it so often but u would love to own a piece..

    does anyone agree with me...
  2. I've seen some evening bags that sound like what you're talking about. I'd love to have one--just pull it out of the closet and admire it now and then.
  3. most of my evening bags are totally vintage in mesh and clasps detail.
    i love my evening bags to be more luxurious...
  4. Not really. I have more than enough beautiful jewel encrusted bags to meet my modest needs.

    I do think that many of the newer and up and coming designers could use a bit of marketing help here and there, though.