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  1. Opps... it's the first one on the 4th row.
    Tigers eye with 18K YG bead.
  2. Eh... not a huge fan.
  3. I think they're ok . . . not my style, but I don't think they're unattractive. Very casual looking.
  4. To me it seems REALLY expensive for something so casual.
  5. I'm gonna be honest, I don't like it very much.. Like it's ok.. Not my style though
  6. Not for me, but you know what you like!

  7. I agree
  8. ^^ITA as well.
  9. In addition to it being kind of pricey for tiger's eye, the size of the beads makes me wonder how comfortable it would be to wear it, especially if you use a keyboard or work at a desk...
  10. I love tiger's eye stones and I also really like these bracelets. But I do think they are pricey. Unless you just love THIS specific one, you can find something similar for much less.
  11. It is not for me, but if it makes you smile to look at the piece, then go for it.