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  1. Hmmm...I'm on the fence. I love leopard print ballet flats and scarves because they're a great accent to a neutral outfit but I think an entire cardigan in leopard print might be too much. You'd have to wear it with something edgier like the leather leggings that the model is wearing....otherwise it could age you.
  2. you are right but i find it soo adorable.. i was planning on wearing it with maybe black skinny jeans and some black boots... idk
  3. I think the asymmetrical hem makes it younger and edgier and not as aging as a standard button cardi would be. Additionally, it is reasonably priced, so it's hard to go wrong. While I also like leopard print shoes or scarves, I've seen people pull off the look of a leopard print cardi much better than I ever thought possible. With black skinnies and boots, I think it would look great!
  4. Thank you for the advice. Im probably going to order it tonight or tomorrow and will deff post pics. :smile:
  5. It looks good in the pictures, but I'd be wary... I just ordered three tops/sweaters from VS and they were all just awful quality. I couldn't believe how cheap they were in person when they looked sooo cute on the website. Maybe some items are made better than others? That was the first (and only) time I've ordered from VS, haha.
  6. Majority of my clothes r from VS so i can say that it really depends on what you buy. There sweaters r pretty awesome so i gotta wait n see for the final result. But hopefully it feels n looks good lol
  7. I like it, but then again I'm a sucker for anything leapord printed. Just make sure the print doesn't overwhelm you.
  8. NOT CUTE. And just for reference, my Mom ordered some stuff from VS and the quality was awful and it all runs really small so you may want to size up 1 or 2 sizes.
  9. not shure about this, I do like leopard print my daughter has two jackeys and they look great fun on her especially worn with denims and a white T. This one looks a little "too much" for me...
  10. no, i really love it!! i think it'd be great for you! it's really cute IMO
  11. thank you for the advice ladies.. i still havent ordered it yet.. just waiting for sum offer codes or some promo from VS
  12. I personally like it, depending on what you wore with it you could pull it off :smile:
  13. I think it's a cute wardrobe piece.