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  1. I'm going to Vegas tomorrow morning, should I bring my vernis Alma in Gris I just received it last week. I've heard not to keep it on the sun. I don't plan on being out doors alot being that it will be extremely hot. So should I bring it or not?
  2. Definitely bring it. It is a good travel bag and it would be good for going out.
  3. Bring it :smile:
  4. Bring it! (:
  5. I just got back from Vegas... it's still really hot and sunny there... and you can't really avoid being out in the sun... I had my Eva with me...
    There were plenty of people carrying LV there... I didn't see any Vernis though... I saw plenty of Neverfulls, Speedies, Gallieras, a few Evas, Montys, 1 Hampstead, 1 Milla... and that's all I remember now.
    Bring it if you can't part with it... otherwise, bring something else.
  6. Bring it! You can still use it if your doing tourist stuff at night! =D
  7. Bring it!
  8. Bring it! Enjoy your bag!
  9. I hope you took it!!! Safe travels...
  10. No do not bring it. It is pretty but it is handheld and you have to think about that when gambling and shopping.
  11. I took it and used it every day I was there:smile: i posted pics on the action shot thread