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  1. i think this bag would be awesome for my mom, who is looking for a nice sized, yet not too large shoulder bag...
  2. Awesome for and older woman especially!
  3. very nice indeed, perfectly sized too might i add....i saw a red one at LV but found it too steep for my budget........

    by all means, i think your mom will love it......
  4. think it would be a nice christmas gift? i think it would look adorable on her! she's a business woman, so i think this would be very professional looking!
  5. It´s an awesome christmas gift, in fact, it´s so good you can send it straight to me!! :yes: :roflmfao: Very suitable for businesswear, also feminine.
  6. ^Hahahaha! Yah, I agree it's a very nice bag.
  7. Very nice bag, I'm sure your mom would love it!
  8. I agree...it would be perfect for your Mom! Very sweet of you, btw!
  9. I'm a mom and your taste is impeccable. That's a beautiful bag! (and I don't usually like EPI - but I do that one!)
  10. Lovely bag and sweet daughter!:yes: Good choice for a professional mom.:flowers:
  11. It is a lovely bag.
  12. very pretty
  13. i think its a perfect idea. it looks good and still useable.
  14. Very nice! So sweet of you!
  15. I think its a great xmas gift! Hope she appreciates it more than my mom...once I bought her a small Fendi messenger and now she doesn't know where it is...she lost it...and she only used it once! :cursing:
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