What do you think?

  1. Do you think this bag and color is too trendy or will it have longevity?

    It also comes in denim from NM site.
  2. i personally am not fond of metalics, because i feel they are trendy, and im not to fond of the shape of this one. i think MJ had much nicer shapes than this one.
  3. I think I would like the denim color better, if you don't mind gold hardware. I'm staying away from metallics myself. The style is cute, I think it would be really easy to find things in the bag since it's not very deep.
  4. I have seen this bag in white IRL and its cute for days where you don't want to drag around the kitchen sink.

    Color-wise I know it has been said that metallics will be big for spring -- and I like the silvery leather! Longevity-wise, I guess I never paid this much attention. If you feel like a rockstar carrying it, then you will get a lot of use out of! Just my 2-cents!
  5. Agree, there are nicer styles from MJ than this Daria. =)
    I don't like the shape (too short yet long), Elise (taller version) is cuter. =)
  6. I really like this bag a lot! I had been eying it in white all summer, but couldn't afford it, what with all my other purchases.

    My thought is this..... it will make a nice "dress-up" bag in metallic for years to come.
  7. I despise metallics..and Im not a fan of that shape.BUT its all about if YOU LIKE IT..NOT US.We are all different!
  8. ITA I have never bought anything metallic-looking, but you are the one who should be happy with it. I do think the metallic style is trendy and not as classic as other colors. JMO
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