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  1. I saw this bag online on www.shopintuition.com, their store is in La and is frequented by Paris, JEssica, Nicole, and Mischa to name a few.. well i fell in love w/ this bag... do you guys think it is worth buying... is it a replica.. the site does sell a lot of those, despite being a place where the stars go... hmm i'm confused...


  2. Hmm what makes you think it's a replica?
  3. Looks good to me, Is it really expensive ?
  4. the store appears to sell replica designer wear and handbags.
  5. look at the site.... www.shopinuition.com. They used to carry replica balengcias, choles, and marc jacob bags... but they were only liek $150. This bag is nto bad but a little bit more, im confused... what do you think?
  6. The clothes are real but the bags are oh so confusing. Its not bad in price only $330.
  7. It's a pretty bag and I like the color. Don't know much about it though.
  8. I wouldn't mind buying a replica from Shop Intuition...it's not a fake and it's a great boutique and if you don't like labels then it's great
  9. i think the bag is called a cleopatra bag...i don't remember the brand, though....check out activeendeavors.com, i think they had it at one point, plus you get 20% off with the code 'toutie'
  10. This bag is by aaneta and is called the Cleopatra...I believe it is the large size. There is also a medium size. Many of the only stores sell this style in various colors - grey, petrol (blue), tan, black, grape. You can also find it on E-bay. shopintuition sells the real one but I wouldn't buy it from them b/c they don't have the best customer service and you have to wait 3 weeks for it. Google aaneta and you will find other stores that sell it at better prices including discounts. Also search handbags in e-bay, I know its there also and I wouldn't worry too much about it being fake...I don't believe they were faking them.
  11. Sorry, that's supposed to say on-line stores sell it.
  12. They sold replicas but they never said they were balenciagas. I heard bad things about the service of this site. I heard someone got their product 2 months later, another story I heard they overcharged another costumer and someone on the forum said they sent them to wrong size.
  13. Thanks everyone... i think i may have seen it at a boutique here in dallas... i might try that place first if not.. ill try looking other places online.
  14. I was watching tv and they had this on the style channel I think on Modern Girls Guide to Life , they sell replica bags that are in nice condition (not totally fake looking if you know what I mean). I like the color of this bag, but not the long strap, but that's just my opinion
  15. If you think the shoulder strap is too long I believe you can double it up so it can be shorter.