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Jesus & bags all i need
Dec 22, 2005
I saw this bag online on www.shopintuition.com, their store is in La and is frequented by Paris, JEssica, Nicole, and Mischa to name a few.. well i fell in love w/ this bag... do you guys think it is worth buying... is it a replica.. the site does sell a lot of those, despite being a place where the stars go... hmm i'm confused...


i think the bag is called a cleopatra bag...i don't remember the brand, though....check out activeendeavors.com, i think they had it at one point, plus you get 20% off with the code 'toutie'
This bag is by aaneta and is called the Cleopatra...I believe it is the large size. There is also a medium size. Many of the only stores sell this style in various colors - grey, petrol (blue), tan, black, grape. You can also find it on E-bay. shopintuition sells the real one but I wouldn't buy it from them b/c they don't have the best customer service and you have to wait 3 weeks for it. Google aaneta and you will find other stores that sell it at better prices including discounts. Also search handbags in e-bay, I know its there also and I wouldn't worry too much about it being fake...I don't believe they were faking them.
They sold replicas but they never said they were balenciagas. I heard bad things about the service of this site. I heard someone got their product 2 months later, another story I heard they overcharged another costumer and someone on the forum said they sent them to wrong size.
I was watching tv and they had this on the style channel I think on Modern Girls Guide to Life , they sell replica bags that are in nice condition (not totally fake looking if you know what I mean). I like the color of this bag, but not the long strap, but that's just my opinion