What do you think?!?

  1. Well I am really excited, I picked up the legacy tote in dark brown #7574 :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: I think it was a good deal, it retailed for $598 and I paid $329, the SA said they had just hit the outlet 2 days ago. It is gorgeous.. I love the leather, and the size, and everything!! Just wondering if any of you have this bag, if you love it too :shrugs: and if you have any advice on any matching wallets... the signature wallets they had there had the bright gold, and my wallet needs to be replaced.. so wondering if you all know of one? Thanks!!

  2. Stunning, I love it! Which outlet did you get it from? I'm super jealous! :drool:
  3. Thanks, I love it! I got it at the oulet in Las Vegas, just happened to head up there on sat. and had to go into the outlet on the way home.. it was there just waiting for me!! :nuts:
  4. I love the bag...great find!!! Congrats.
  5. great find! great price! Gorgeous color! congrats
  6. Love it!
  7. :love: Thanks you guys!!!! :love:
  8. Love the bag, great find :smile:
  9. I really love it too.. the pic isn't near as good as the real thing! Just wish I could find a complimenting wallet.. any ideas?? :confused1:
  10. :smile: Wow! That didn't take long to hit the outlet did it?! I LOVE that tote! I'm jealous too...It will be in style for ever..Congrats! Post pics! Post pics!!
    :heart: Emmy
  11. Thanks for the nice comments!! I will put up some pics as soon as I can :yes:
  12. I love it!!!
  13. Cute bag. Congrats!
  14. Looks like you scored! What a nice bag!