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  1. I sold an item last week (used chanel belt) well bidding got pretty heated in the last few minutes and it went well beyond what I anticipated. Buyer has good feedback (30 something but all positive) and she paid within minutes. But now the belt has been sitting at the post office for 5 days now, they attempted delivery on the 16th and left a notice, I sent it sig confirmation and I guess no one was home to sign for it. Well she still hasnt picked it up and I even contacted her to let her know that it was awaiting pick up just in case the post office didnt leave a notice since I've had them forget to leave a slip before. Still nothing no response to email, no pickup. I know sunday and monday she would not have been able to pick it up but now I'm getting a bit worried. I really thought sh'd get it saturday and when she didnt I thought yesterday for sure. How long will the post office keep something before sending it back to me? I'd hate to have to pay shipping to resend it again.
  2. I would call her post office and ask them how long they keep it before they send it back to you.
  3. Good Idea, I ask down at my PO this morning and they said that with certified its 14 days but with just regular packages it could vary, she said they have one that shes been holding since the beginning on december and they have sent notice upon notice and the person just wont come get it. I certainly hope this doesnt turn into one of those situations but surely as quick as she was to pay she really wants it and will pick it up soon.
  4. Here's what I would do: Call the USPS toll free number -- 1-800-ASK-USPS (275-8777) -- choose to speak to a customer service rep, give the rep your buyer's zip code and the rep will give you the phone number for the post office that handles that area and should have the package. Call and ask someone there how long they will keep the bag.