What do you think?

  1. sweetsparkle mentioned that she saw a blue nuit bowler at Saks in NYC. I dont live in NY so there is no way I can see it and they will not send me a picture. But what do you ladies think? Should I get it? I havent been able to see it in person though.

    Also, do you think it would be too big to use as an everyday bag if I only carry my wallet, cell phone, lip gloss, keys and a planner?

    I just wish I could see it in person!!
  2. Ummm... This is my first time when I'm trying to post a pic here, I hope it works: (sorry if not!!)

    <a href="ImageShack - Hosting :: chloepaddingtoncraiesy5.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://img146.imageshack.us/img146/2339/chloepaddingtoncraiesy5.th.jpg" border="0" alt="Free Image Hosting at ImageShack® - Hosting" /></a>

    ...I'm not sure if you mean this kind of model but in blue? This is one is quite similar size to a regular paddington satchel, for me it's a perfect size for everyday :smile: You can fit all the things you mentioned + bigger sunglass case and a bit more... But it looks beautiful when it's a bit emptier too
  3. Ooops... sorry I dont know how to post a picture :sad: Try if you can see the pic by clicking the beginning of this link, I tried it and it worked for me :smile:
  4. Yes, that is it. I really like the style.

    Do you think it is worth 1575?
  5. I just purchased it cream /craie few weeks ago, I love it as it's super slouchy and it's perfect size - and beautiful :smile:
    ...The only negative thing I can find is that it's quite difficult to get in and out the bag, always when I open it I need to find some table to put the bag down and then use my both hands when opening the zipper & closing it.... Now I've learned to do it quite fastly and it doesn't bother me as the bag is so beautiful so it's worth it , at least for me :smile: But I know many people find this as a problem

    I've heard this style is called loaf and zip-lid :smile: I found my bag from ebay and it was slightly used but in perfect condition, I didn't pay much less than the price you mentioned :smile:
  6. I'd say that if you have some other bags to carry on a busy days and if you dont need to get in and out the bag very often - then I&#180;d say go for it if you love the style as much as I do :smile: And the opposite!
  7. That is not the bowler/box. Your bag is called the loaf. It's pretty though!
  8. Just a FYI that the blue nuit was a color from last fall so the bag at Saks must be a return. It may have been used or may have sat in the dustbag the whole time but the color has not been reintroduced for fall 06 that I know of... but I could be wrong! :biggrin:
  9. ^You are right, they arent making the color.

    But I didnt think about it being a return. I will call tomorrow and have them check out the condition of the bag. I wish I lived in NYC!!
  10. ROEY thanks - and you're right, it's called loaf not a bowler :smile:

    ILLINI3 let us know if you go for that bag, blue nuit is gorgeous colour and hard to find! :o)
  11. [​IMG][/IMG]

    ROEY I tried to post a picture again but I dont know how to do it right so I'm adding a link here:


    Is this bag the bowler? :smile:

    EDIT/ ...Yikes I guess I finally managed to post a picture!! :yahoo:
  12. I am so confused right now, the guy said it was the bowler but he said it was the same as the stock picture I sent him which is the loaf.

  13. I guess it's more propably loaf as if this guy saw the picture and said that's the one, these style names are confusing as in some stores they call these zip-lids aswell.... Soooo confusing!

    I would also love to know which one is the actual bowler? :shame:
  14. illini3, if it is truly the loaf style and you decide you don't want it after getting it, you can always PM me. I wish I lived in NYC as well!
  15. He did call it the zip lid.

    I dont know if I should get it or not!!!

    I think the loaf is the second picture.