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  1. I had a strange though this morning, and wanted to see what you guys thought of it (being LAMB lovers too and all.)

    Do you think LAMB is a more sophisticated and grown up version of Juicy bags?

    I ask this because in my early 20's I was obessed with Juicy bags and bought every single one that remotely called my name. Now, I'm in my late 20's and feel the exact same way about LAMB. I feel like both lines have that fun funky vibe to them, but LAMBs are more classic looking.

    What do you think?
  2. hmm interesting question. I don't think so. I'm pretty obsessed with LAMB, but Juicy has never appealed to me. When I was younger, I was all about Betsey Johnson. I still love her, though.
  3. Oh see that's another brand that I feel like LAMB could be a more grown up replacement for, but I still do love some Betsey bags too.
  4. I never liked Juicy or Betsey Johnson. I just feel for L.A.M.B and fell hard. I think it's just a taste change thing, not a grow up thing.
  5. i don't know. i think LAMB is taking over my playful, edgier side. while i still choose gryson, and more conservative bags too. but the LAMB are going to be my 'fun, cool' bags. LOL

    i am obsessed with the music collection, and sorta scared to even look at the other lines. haha
  6. Most of the time I carry Coach, so L.A.M.B. is like their cool sister that all ways got to go out to all the parties.
  7. Same here. I used to own one Betsey Johnson bag but gave it away and I still think Juicy has some beautiful leather handbags at amazing price points and they are definitely classy looking. I saw the LAMB bags inside the glass counter and had no idea that they were by Gwen Stefani. I never heard of the brand before but I loved what I saw. The one I gravitated towards was the saddle oxford tote (which I ended up buying - it was my first LAMB). I thought they were just so awesome and stylish. So I don't think it was something that I grew into.
  8. I've always been obsessed with Gwen ever since I saw the "I'm Just a Girl" video! The first bag I saw was a pick in a magazine of Carmen Electra carrying the Devon tote in saddle... and I was 100% hooked! I don't ever wear gold so when her silver line came out those were my fave! They ROCK!!! :rochard:

    So, for me, I think it was basically inevitable that anything by Gwen I was going to love :smile: