What do you think???

  1. I liked this bag when I first saw it... then I thought it was ugly... now I think I like it again :shame:
    Any ideas on this bag? (COCCINELLE) Ugly? Cute? :greengrin:
    coccinelle1.jpg coccinelle2.jpg coccinelle3.jpg coccinelle4.jpg
  2. Not something I would get.
  3. Not my taste
  4. not for me
  5. I like the yellow trim, but not a fan of the shape.
  6. Personally, I wouldn't get it.
  7. It's cute but not my style.
  8. While it is cute, I'd pass on it...especially if you're not in total love with it. Save your money for one of the beautiful fall bags that'll be coming out soon!
  9. Not my style:yes:
  10. I don't like it
  11. nope, wouldn't get it either..
  12. Well, while it isn't exactly horrid, I'd say it tends towards "ugly" to be kind. What's the cost?
  13. not my kind of bag
  14. not a fan
  15. I love Coccinelle but that one isn't my style but if you like it go for it!