What do you think?

  1. Im considering getting something in pomme de amour...
    ive seen various pics of that color on here and they look somewhat different sometimes.
    Sometimes it looks like just a shiny red and sometimes it looks kind of sparkly in the light.
    If you have this color or have seen it, is it sparkly?
  2. The differences in the pics is due to lighting. Pomme in real life has a hint of shimmer to it. It is not a flat red but the shimmer is very subtle. It is very pretty in real life. The color on the LV website is very accurate.
  3. really? because the color on the LV site seems quite flat to me...
  4. I don't have it, but I've seen it and it's not flat at all. It does have a bit of a sparkle to it. It's very pretty!
  5. Here is my Rosewood... There is a sparkle to it

  6. [​IMG]
  7. thanks beljwl!
    yea there is a bit of sparkle to it. im liking it even more :smile:
  8. I have the pomme pochette wallet and it's shimmery. It's so pretty IRL. I get compliments on it whenever anyone sees me take it out.

  9. Your Welcome....

    Pomme is my new favorite... I just wish it would stop raining so I could use it.
  10. I love pomme ... it's such a beautiful color and I love how it matches any of the mono, damier and suhali pieces! Oh and the black denim and mahina. Yum yum yum!
  11. Im considering getting a pomme cles for my damier speedy 30. I wonder if that will look cute. Any thoughts?

  12. I think it would be HOT!!!!!!!

  13. Pomme cles is perfect! I have one and it is great! Looks good with all bags: damier, mono, epi, etc. Get one! The pomme is a gorgeous, shimmery red.
  14. I have the Pomme in Reade PM and love it!!! It does have a bit of shimmer. You should go for it!
  15. Pomme has a pretty sparkle to it irl, but it is hard to photograph. Not flat red at all. You will love it!