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  1. my sales lady at NM told me that my new bag was a 2008 however i found out today it was 2007 i didnt want a 2007 black first because of the fading problem up until now i have loved my bag look at pics and tell me what you think should i exchange it for a 2008 or wait and see if it fades and exchange it thenhttp://www.msnusers.com/tpfpictures2007
  2. http://www.msnusers.com/tpfpictures2007

    Thought i was getting an 2008 I'm afraid of fading what do you think i should do i have had it since christmas does it look like its in good shape also please tell me about how NM is when you want to return something
  3. Can't see the pictures What is it?
  4. on the side it says documents and stuff like that there is also a pictures button just click on that : )
  5. Haven't you created 3-4 different threads about this? I can see that you are really freaking out about this. Return it, get an 08 bag.
  6. anyone who looks at this click on pictures on the left once you are at the link
  7. i need an opinion do you think it really makes a difference i am kind of ocd haha
  8. This is only my opinion, but I wouldn't be too concerned about it. I have an 07 Black Day that I love - it was a little bit of a softer black to begin with but it has not faded at all and has the thickest, chewest leather ever! Also, this is just my opinion but since we are at the very end of 07 the bag was likely manufactured at least several months ago, so I would tend to think that if it was going to fade it probably would have started to already.
  9. I think it makes a difference to you. All that matters is that you are 100% happy and confident with your bag, because for this kind of money you really need to feel total satisfaction. So, having said that, I think you should get an 08 bag so that you will feel better.

    What would I do? I'd keep my 07 bag.
  10. I agree.

    But, if there's nothing wrong with it and you have used it AND you love it.........why would you return it? I don't think you should return it. There are bad apples in every batch.
  11. I just looked at your bag....It's BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the distressing. It'd be a keeper for me.:tup:
  12. if you're really concerned, return it and get something you really like and are 100% happy with
  13. i thought i just read this on another thread..?
  14. I totally agree!!Bbags aren't exactly cheap, so I think you should be happy with your purchase! Good Luck!!:idea:
  15. If you love it, keep it!

    I have a FW07 black city, and it is a lovely jet black. However, my FW07 giant traveler was a lighter black compared to my city. Both are lovely, and the giant traveler is nowhere near the faded green I've read about in a few posts here!