What do you think?

  1. I have a Chanel medium flap in beige, a Cambon pochette in white and a black nylon messenger bag. I am trying to get a new every day Chanel bag.

    I was considering between the GST and the Expandable tote in black but have pro and cons on each of them. I like the GST because I can wear it casually and formally but then it's really bulky and I think a bit heavy for everyday. I like the Expandable because it's so soft and a good weight to be carried everyday but its a bit too casual.
    Now I m considering Jumbo flap too.

    Let me know what you guys think...
  2. My vote is for the GST it's functional, and the expandable tote a quick second!
  3. 1) Jumbo Flap
    2) Expandable Flap
    3) GST

    Good luck!
  4. If I had to chose I would go for the expanadble because it is not as big as the GST although it is still big enough to fit in your everyday essentials and can be worn as a casual bag I have seen it irl and want one myself!
  5. As you already have a flap I would go for the GST but what about the tote of the cotton line? Do you like it? :smile:
  6. Black Jumbo flap
    Black GST
  7. I love my GST, but it can get heavy.
    so either jumbo flap or gst
  8. I'm no help! ^^^ sorry
  9. Expandable over GST.
    Too boxy and IMO too... worky? I think it's a bit too corporate for everyday. :smile:
  10. The jumbo flap as 1st choice and the GST second. The expandable is pretty, but my least fav. All 3 bags are nice though.
  11. i think jumbo flap
  12. Jumbo Flap :biggrin: Just another suggestion:the new jersey bubble quilt is really light - the large size is spacious. :biggrin:
  13. expand..1st
    the jumbo flap is a nice bag, but its to small on the inside for me to use as an everyday. The gst is to boxy and heavy...
    I think the exp is a great work horse bag
  14. I'd get the jumbo flap. It has plenty of room for my wallet, keys, brush, iPod, phone and blackberry.

    If you carry a bunch of stuff, the expandable may be better.