What do you think?

  1. Hey everyone!

    I went to NM yesterday and bought this bag, except in black fabric with black leather trim (it was on sale, so I couldn't resist). What do you think? Is it classic enough to be worn in 5 years? Or is it more trendy and I should return it and invest into a more classic bag?

    I appreciate your opinions!

  2. I think this is a bag you could use for many years,It is so nice, Congrats.
  3. In black fabric it is a classic. Congrats to you!
  4. I saw the black one that you purchased at NM. Its lovely I especially liked the hardware and style. I think its rockstar enough to be trendy and classic enough to rock for years to come. Congrats!!
  5. pretty bag, i love it! it's so classic.
  6. wow, that bag is classic & HOOOOOOOOOOT, i love it :yes:
  7. Cute bag, classic!
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