What do you think?

  1. :heart::yahoo:I want to get the Gucci Aviatrix Large Boston bag. Do you guys think i should? do you like it?

  2. I have never seen this bag IRL, but fore me to see it is so nice, so if you like it -then bay it :yes:
  3. It looks nice...have u ever tried it on before?
  4. I tried it out today with the matching waist clinch belt- I love it, the handles are shorter than I expected though
  5. I love a nice handcarry bag. I wouldn't buy this bag cos it isn't for me but I could easily see someone else with it. Definitely get it!
  6. i haven't seen it IRL either, but it looks FAB in that pic!
  7. I love it - it seems very european to me.
  8. i saw it at NM on a display where you go by the escalators and it definately was stunning. Im not big on handbags but this bag is really nice in person. Go for it!!
  9. I saw the brown leather one (small size) with a bit of guccissima and it's sooo nice and cute (but the price wasn't :push:smile:. But the handles are short, you can't put it on your shoulder (for me that's a downside).

  10. i say GO FOR IT!!!....i love the aviatrix collection...very chic and classy! :cutesy: