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What color should I get next?

  1. 08 Bubblegum pink

  2. 08 Electric blue

  3. hold out for 05 pink

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    Need your help deciding. I was very excited about the 08 bubblegum pink but when I saw the swatches it wasn't as 05 bubblegum pink as I was imaging. :sad: I have the LE magenta and I think it's too similar - or am I wrong? Should I wait till the actual bags come out to decide on the color? :shrugs: or should I go in the opposite direction and get the 08 electric blue? I think I'll love that color from the tiny swatch I've seen.
    Right now, my collection includes: black, magenta and vert gazon. Which color do you think I should get next? Bubblegum pink or electric blue? or hold out for a HTF 05 bubblegum pink?:confused1: Need your expert opinions!!!
  2. I voted for electric blue, since you already have pink in your collection. I think that shade of blue is very vibrant and pretty, I also like the turq color too.
  3. I voted for electric blue as well. I think if you buy the '08 BG you'll be settling for something...and settling is never good!!! Plus you already have magenta, which is a shade of pink!
    Go for the bright pop of EB :smile:
  4. I think that since you seem to really want the 05 BG pink, if you settle for the new 08 you might not truly be happy with it. While it is very hard to find some of the older colors in good condition, it is not impossible.....I have been searching for a couple of older colors and just when I was going to give up and get another color instead.........I found both of the bags I was looking for! Why not go with the electric blue for now and keep searching for the 05 BG pink.....you never know!
  5. i also voted for EB, it looks like it's going to be beautiful, and it would balance out your collection very nicely!
  6. Another vote for EB (or as dd101 suggested, turquoise). With the vg and the magenta, it would be a perfect addition to your collection.
  7. Another vote for the blue!
  8. I voted for 08 bubblegum
  9. Another vote for EB because you have mageta already but.... if you love pink then I say hold out for the 05 bubblegum :yes:
  10. i say hold out for the 05 pink :p
  11. electric blue!!! you already have the LE magenta and i think you need an EL for balance :yes:
  12. electric blue for sure..it'd round out your collection nicely and because i'm absolutely loving that color and am so excited to see it in a first/day style.
  13. Another one for EB, a blue would help to continue your rainbow!
  14. EB as well! I think this color is going to be fantastic!
  15. I voted for Electric Blue. The colour looks so beautiful. I'd be tempted myself but I have 07 Marine and from the swatch they seem too similar for me to justify the EB. Although I think the EB is soooo stunning!