what do you think?

  1. of the mini quilted in patent? I like the red one I think. I saw it at Saks in NYC and really did like it, but not sure about the patent. I've never owned a Burberry as I just discovered Chloe and am new to the better bags... Anybody have this little gem?
  2. I love this bag it is too cute.
  3. i LOVE that bag!
  4. http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/catalog/prod.jhtml?itemId=prod49130020&parentId=cat12220738&masterId=cat12210738&index=0&cmCat=cat000000cat000141cat000149cat000226cat7730736cat12210738cat12220738


    these are both adorable too I think... I can only get one of them and just not sure. The plaid is probably the least practical, but was really cute in person. I wish I could get them all!! Plus I have a Chloe paddy satchel I want.... I need more arms to carry everything...
  5. I prefer the regualr Manor, even though I'm not keen on red colour. In the picture it looks like a deep red, but there was a thread sometimes ago of a girl that received the Manor in red and it was more "fire" red. I'm hunting the manor in beige...
  6. When I saw it IRL in Saks it was a deep red... a lot darker than I expected which IMO made it classier than a fire-engine patent would be... They didn't have the other sizes to compare. It's so hard to tell... Beige would be nice, I didn't see any of those but admittedly I had hubby breathing down my neck and we were only in NYC a short time so might've missed it.

    Thanks for your opions though...