What do you think??

  1. Hi Girls,
    I can't decide which necklace i want more...
    What do you think?

    The one called 'Golden Lily' OR the one called 'Classically Hip'?

    I am planning to wear it with a black dress...


    Thanks girls!!:heart:
  2. Boy, thats a tough decision. I'm leaning more towards the clasically hip one. I like the purple. There's a lot of neat stuff on that site. Yeah, I would pick the clasically hip.
  3. I also agree on the classically hip....its a really great piece for a wardrobe...

    Post pics when you decide!!!!!!!!
  4. classicaly hip one :smile:
  5. Do you have the luck of living here in STL where Mavrik is? If so you should call and ask which location (2 of them) carry the styles and go try them on in person!
  6. Classically hip!
  7. I also vote for the Classically Hip!
  8. The purple is beautiful but isn't the golden one more luxurious?

  9. classically hip!!!:tup:
  10. Thank you stacmck, what is the model number of this one?
  11. [​IMG]

    Thats also really cute:biggrin:
  12. classically hip