what do you think???

  1. hi all
    im thinking about getting a mini messenger of white gaucho bag.
    its on diabro for $520,
    is this a good price? and a good bag to get?
  2. Do you have a pic.
  3. smallwac44922_vea_w1_01oooooooooo.jpg

    OMG ive just looked againa and its now $433:yahoo:
  4. I personally think it's a great deal. I'm thinking about getting it too but probably in black
  5. yes the black is nice to!
    ive just got to keep look to make sure its there as ive just bought a chloe paddy and need to wait a week until i can get it!!!, fingers crossed its still there then! :hrmm:
  6. its lovely and i would get it ! if you get use from a smaller bag, why not ? :tup: ( i wouldnt be able to squeeze all the rubbish i carry around with me in it ! :crybaby:)
  7. after having a double gaucho and loads of chloe paddys ive always found them very big, i have a gucci messenger and ive used it nearly everyday since i got it, so i think it may be well suited. i also think the price is fab!

  8. lol i cant hardly fit my stuff into my paddies ! :roflmfao:
  9. Thanks for this thread.

    I had been waiting for the argent mini gaucho to drop on diabro, I had queried with them the other day why it is priced higher than the black and white and they said "Usually, the reason is because
    we have more in stock which will allow us to reduce the cost".

    When you said the white had been reduced I thought hmmm wonder if the argent has also been reduced so I went and had a look and it has been reduced by $86 USD so I am grabbing it was $606 now $520 :yahoo:

    Excellent price on all of the mini gaucho's!
  10. OMG! Yes! That's such a great price! :nuts:

    I'm sooooo tempted...
  11. me 2.. really really tempted now -_-''''' this is not good!!
  12. ok fingers crossed its still there in a week!
    the argent is a fab fab colour!!!
    i love diabro its great for a bargin!
  13. OMG you must carry everything with you!!!:nuts:
  14. :nuts: That's big enough as a overnight bag for me lol You must have alotttttttttttttt of stuff. I complain about the weight of my lil bags, i can't imagine carrying yours with the lock.

    The argent is very pretty too. Perhaps if you email them, they would hold it for you?
  15. Ordered the mini argent last night, can't wait to receive.

    Everyone praises diabro's fast shipping so I hope it is a pleasant experience.