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  1. Well, I have only posted once before a few weeks ago and I got such a lovely response from you ladies I'm back! :smile:

    After my wedding at the end of July here in England and a fab 3 week honeymoon travelling from San Francisco to Sonoma, down to Santa Monica and LA, across to Vegas and finally on to NYC, I managed to stumble across a few Hermes stores! My husband was keen to cheer me up after British Airways lost my baggage :cursing: (and I still havent had it back yet...) and so Rodeo Drive was the site of my very first Hermes purchase! :yahoo:I took your advice and looked to start small - I totally fell in love with the colour of this scarf and I knew it would work with my wardrobe.
    The cute twilly came as a last minute buy at JFK and the picture doesnt do the green justice at all! :heart:

    So ladies, as you as so knowledgable, can you tell me the correct name for the design either of them? I found the whole experience pretty overwhelming and it all happened so fast!!

    Also any advice of interesting ways to tie a 90cm scarf would be appreciated!


  2. The scarf is beautiful. I can't help with the name of the scarf, though one of the scarf experts surely will. :yes:
  3. EmmyC, Very beautiful. :smile: I hope you get your luggage back.
  4. Congratulations on your wedding!!! Lovely scarf ('Projets Carrés') and twilly.
  5. ^ as Rose said - the scarf is Projets Carres and the Twilly I think is chaine d'Ancre.
  6. Hi Emmy - the 90cm orange scarf is Projets Carres.
    HOw to tie a scarf is in the Kama Sutra thread.
  7. Beautiful Emmy! Mazal Tov on your marriage.
  8. Beautiful Emmy - congrats on your marriage and your new purchases. I have Projets too in the the purple colourway with the orange contrast hem... it's fabulously versatile. You can get quite a few different looks from Projets depending on how you tie it.
  9. Hi Emmy and welcome! Love both your beautiful purchases! Congratulations on your new marriage!
  10. Congrats on your new scarves and on your new marriage!!
  11. Emmy-best of luck with ur new marriage and ur lovely new scarves!