What do you think??

  1. I just picked up a Black Metallic Reissue and a Dark Silver Reissue both in the 227 size. I Just love the Black, great size for day to night. But I can't decide about the Dark Silver 227, it just seems bigger because of the color. I almost feel it should be smaller in case I want it for dressier occasions...Not that I have that many, I am very casual. Would you wear it with a dressy dress? I do love it though. What do you think? Should I search for a smaller size or not????

  2. I personally prefer the 226 size. Since you already have the 227 metallic black, maybe the 226 dark silver would be better for you.
  3. i agree. i think the dark silver in 227 might be too big. Good luck!
  4. I love the dark silver! But I also agree, it would be better in 226.
  5. Definitely, the silver in the 226.
  6. I love the 227 size. I think the 226 is too small......so w/ the being said I think its a matter of personal choice.;)

    Think about you body frame/size, what you carry inside your bags and what you will be using it for.

    Good luck
  7. I like the 226 size better, especially in the silver reissue bags.
  8. i have both colors in the same size like you do and love using them. I have my clutch for dressier occasions though and I agree smaller bags are better for those types of events, but I don't know if for that price will you only reserve it for those special occasions... are u definitely returning the 227?
  9. Is the metallic black as shiny as the dark silver? Or is it more muted in comparison? TIA
  10. I have the dark silver in 226. I think it's the perfect size.
  11. I also prefer the dark silver in 226