What Do You Think?

  1. I tried this on the other day and :heart: the way they look but not sure if I want them. What do you think?
  2. wow they are cute!

    At first I thought "meh, too quirky" but the more I look at them, the more I think they they'd look nice with jeans or a little black dress, even black pants.

    why the second thoughts?
  3. I tried them on with jeans and they were very cute. I dont really know. I love shoes but very few are $$. These are Steve Madden and were like $80 so I guess the price tag had me second guessing myself. There not really spendy when I look at other shoes on here but I had to be completely sure before I got them. The more I look at them the more I :heart: them so I am sure I will order them soon.
  4. go for it! (and post pics?) :smile:
  5. Thank you!!! I am slowly getting into the more name brand shoes. I think I will always be the kind of girl that of I like the shoe on, no matter what the price, I will get them. I have a lot :cutesy: