What do you think???

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  1. Hey all,

    what do you think of a bf that tells you "I love you but i cant stand you so i am not talking to you anymore" and goes ahead and breaks up with you...

    what do you think?

    What do you do??:confused1:
  2. find another bf
  3. ^:yes:

    I have loved people that I didn't like anymore . . . I can think of a relative or 2 to be honest! LOL!
    Move on, why would you want to be w/ someone who doesn't enjoy your comapny anymore?
  4. Thank your lucky stars. He did you a favor. Go out and find someone who adores you!
  5. move on...
  6. Id say to him...Dont let the door hit ya on the way out LOSER................

    You r better off without that jerk
  7. You get away from them as quickly as you can! He did you a favor! And I assume this is the same BF who you posted about in the "feeling down" thread who is a narcissist?

    girl, get over him and move on!

    Trust me, you do not want this type of guy in your life! And when you sit down and examine your relationship with him with a clear head that isn't clouded by "missing him" you will start to wonder just why you did miss him in the first place!

    Move on and find someone who cares about YOU...not just about himself.
  8. URhm he's full of Sh**??

    you're definitely better off without him .....
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: ITA
  10. JILL you are so good with words and comebacks!!!

    I'm terrible... i always stand there seething in anger at a total loss for words!! OH tell me how u do it!!!

  11. people use the love word too freely...i don't think he truly loved you otherwise he wouldn't tell you he can't stand you ....enjoy your single life and when the right time and boy comes along enjoy
  12. ITA. :tup:
  13. he is a true narcissist....he makes things up (lies) to make me upset on purpose to start a fight and when i reacted he comes back and says i am very dramatic....that he cant deal with me..he says he loves me but cant deal with me anymore...what kind of men does this??

    this guy i am talking about constantly wants to be center of attention...

    i am surely moving on never want to see him again!!!:cursing:
  14. Good for you - Walk away without a backward glance
  15. yea, girl-let him go. he sounds like trouble.:throwup: