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  1. I have an item listed on eBay, it has around 10 bids. The high bidder placed her bid on 05/04. She is a relative newbie with 5 feedbacks.

    Today she sent me a message, it says:

    "Hi, I'm very sorry for this inconvenience but I was wondering if I could cancel my bid. I'm very upset because I really wanted to purchase this item but something horrible happened to me, basically one of my family member had stolen my check card used my card now I'm left with $50 in my account. I have to sell some of my things to pay for my bills especially my rent. I do apologize for backing off my bid. I look forward to maybe purchasing one of your items in the future. Thank you for your time.

    So, I go to cancel her bid, but on a whim look at her feedback first. Her latest feedback, left yesterday (05/06), was for an item that ended yesterday and on which she bid yesterday. And guess what that item that she won yesterday was? The VERY SAME ITEM THAT I HAVE LISTED!

    I think she bid on two, won the other one, and told this big lie to try to get out of her bid. I want to tell her that she doesn't need my permission to retract her bid and that is what she needs to do. :cursing:
  2. I wouldn't cancel her bid for her.
    She bid, she can deal w/ it, hopefully soemone will outbid her and that will just push up your ending price higher.
  3. I would tell her that I knew about yesterday's purchase and that she can retract her bid if she needs to but that I would not be cancelling it for her.
  4. agreed, she can cancel her own bid do not do it for her. I would tell her you know about the other bag as well, maybe it will 'scare' her into paying if she wins

  5. LOL! Yes, what she said! It isnt your fault that she was bargain shopping and bid on someone else's item.

    :rolleyes: to her
  6. No, it isn't gong to "scare" her into paying, but wait until there are 13 - 20 hours left (you cannot make any changes within 12 hours of the auction's end) and then cancel it is she doesn't. But DO tell her to cancel her own bid. It shows on her records.
  7. oh come on! i can't believe people would stoop that low! i mean, why even bother coming up with a lie? you should definitely let her know that you know about the other purchase...
  8. As other people have said tell her to retract her own bid, people do that because they don't want it to show on their eBay record.

    I can't get over the lies people come up with
  9. I can't stand liars - I agree get her to retract her bid
  10. Well, just to prove she is a liar...I replied that she didn't need my permission to retract her bid and that I had seen on her feedback that she had purchased the same item 2 days after she bid on mine.

    She did retract her bid. The reason she gave for the retraction? "CANNOT CONTACT THE SELLER." So, now potential bidders are going to think they won't be able to contact me! Nothing about "bid on two of the same item and won the other one, then tried to make up a big fib to get out of my bid..."

    Is it OK for me to give her eBay ID so that other sellers can block her?
  11. Coach Bag i am so sorry you had to deal with such a lying b%&^tch ! :cursing: if its possible to take it further, i wouldnt let her get away with it - contact eBay, provide them with your email correspondence, ask them to remove the unfair comment ... eBay miracles do happen and why not give her a lesson !:yucky:
  12. Agree, don't cancel her bid and after she win yours then never paid it, give her unpaid item strike. Let her learn how to treat seller well and honour her bid :push: