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  1. buy , I love ballet slipper flats and those are gourgous
  2. those are beautiful.
  3. :heart: !!
  4. BUYYY!!!!
    I lovee them!!!:heart:
  5. If you like them, then go for it. They're not my style.
  6. I like them!
    Flat shoes look gourgeous on skinny jeans, pants, leggins even on shorts, bermudas, skirts, dress!
  7. wow!!!!gorgeous!!!:heart:
  8. I'm just not sure...

    Python? and silver?!

    hmmmm........thinking i am going to pass.....:crybaby:

    Still a very "cute" shoe.....:yes:
  9. I love ballerinas :heart: Those ones are a bit extreme for my taste though, I´m not a big fan of snake look, but if you like them go for it. :yes:
  10. LOVE them! But maybe not silver?
  11. Pass... Maybe if they were on sale but $960 is a bit much for such a trendy shoe (metallic, python, & ballet).

    *But that's just my opinion. If it being trendy doesn't bother you then happy shopping!
  12. buy!!!
  13. Love at first sight! I love them in silver! They're absolutely wonderful!
  14. Definately buy!:heart: :heart: :heart: