What do you think?

  1. I love this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. What is your opinion on it?Before I purchase it I want to know what you guys think.:heart:

  2. The thingy hangin in front kinda bugs me....
  3. ditto
  4. Is this the Danielle? I really liked this bag.. that is before I saw all the other MbMJ bags! I think it looks alot better when it's not scrunched up like that in the photo.

    Like in this photo:

    I think it's a bit big for my liking.. but if you're into bigger bags, I think the design is cool and casual!

    There's actually a couple on eBay at the moment!
  5. Not for me, not keen on logos, but if you like it you should get it.
  6. It's ok, but there are other MMJ's I like better. The logo is subtle and the color is good.
  7. I like the bag alot-
  8. I have an MJ bag with a similar flap opening as this bag, and I find that it can sometimes be difficult to get in and out of. And since there's no zipper, that could be an issue of security if you're concerned.
  9. i dont like the logo bags but this one isnt so obvious
  10. Yeah I agree....I like this bag but the 'man thang' on the front bothers me..:p
  11. ITA! :roflmfao:
  12. :biggrin: I think that the "man thang" is just 'cause the photo was taken at a funny angle.

    I don't usually like logos but I agree that it's very subtle here. I like everything about this bag but if memory serves the leather is a little stiff for my taste. If you like it go for it!
  13. Reminds me somewhat of the Carmen bag. If I recall correctly, that bag was not always the most friendly when trying to open.
  14. I don't like how it hangs all scrunched up. Not my fave...
  15. thanks everybody